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Главная » 2023 » Март » 21 » Adjectives -ed/ -ing
Adjectives -ed/ -ing

Прилагательные, оканчивающиеся на -ing/-ed

Прилагательное с окончанием -ing употребляется, когда оно характеризует лицо, предмет или ситуацию:

Прилагательное с окончанием -ed употребляется, когда оно характеризует чьи-либо чувства или эмоции:


This film is quite interesting.
The football match was really exciting.


I was interested by the book.
We were excited by the results of the match.


Here are some more adjectives that can have both an -ed and an -ing form.


amused amusing
annoyed annoying
bored boring
confused confusing
disappointed disappointing
excited exciting
exhausted exhausting
frightened frightening
interested interesting
surprised surprising
tired tiring
worried worrying




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2 Positiveenglish  
Exercise 2 Choose the correct word:
1. I was so hurt when he said I was (boring/bored).
2. He works very hard. It’s not (surprising/surprised) that he is always tired.
3. We were (shocking/shocked) when we heard the news.
4. I didn’t find the situation funny. I was not (amusing/amused).
5. The journey was really (exciting/excited). I enjoyed it.
6. I am not keen on golf. When I played it, I was really (boring/bored).
7. She has really learnt very fast. She has made (astonishing/astonished) progress.
8. Tom is very good at telling funny stories. He can be very (amusing/amused).
9.When we heard the news, we didn’t know what to do. The news was (shocking/shocked).
10. The weather forecast was (terrifying/terrified). The (worrying/worried) authorities cancelled the match.

1 Positiveenglish  
Exercise 1 Choose the right word:

1. I’m (interesting/interested) in collecting stamps.
2. Everyone is (depressed/depressing) by the awful weather.
3. I think that airports are (exciting/excited) places.
4. I’m (tired/tiring). I think I’ll go to bed.
5. The journey was (exhausted/exhausting)!
6. It’s not (surprising/surprised) that she’s busy. She’s got six children.
7. The teacher was (annoying/annoyed) because I had forgotten to do my homework.
8. He loved that museum — he thought it was (fascinating/fascinated).
9. We went to the cinema but I was very (boring/bored because I had seen that film before.
10. I like this monkey. It is very (amused/amusing).

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