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Главная » 2018 » Май » 2 » Unit 12 The law and crime
Unit 12 The law and crime

Карточки для запоминания 

Unit 12 Vocabulary in contrast

Unit 12 Phrasal verbs

Unit 12 Phrases and collocations

Unit 12 Word patterns

Unit 12 Word formation

Видео по теме 

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6 Positiveenglish  

Task16. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition or particle where necessary.

1. They caught a glimpse _____ a dark green car.
2. He was accused ___ murder.
3. We won't charge ____ delivery if you pay now.
4. Doctors claim to have discovered a cure ____ the disease.
5. She always told me exactly what she thought, and I respected her _____ that.
6. Large areas of the jungle are now threatened ___ destruction.
7. The government denied the existence _____ poverty among 16- and 17- year-olds.
8. The singer denies ______ he copied the tune from an old Beatles song.
9. I've tried to forgive him _____what he said.
10.I got arrested _____ careless driving.
11.From the corner of my eye, I glimpsed ______ a man running out of the store.
12.Most therapists are probably guilty ______ at least one of these faults at some point in their career.
13.I have great respect _____ Tom's judgment.
14.Martin claimed ______he was with friends at the time of his wife's murder.
15.I was made ______ wait for over an hour.
16.She doubted _____this was where she wanted to be.
17.Mom made him _______wear a hat because of the wind.

5 Positiveenglish  

Task 6. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition.

1. You can’t blame all your problems ____ your working class background.
2. A number of factors account _____the differences between the two scores.
3. The equipment has the additional advantage _____being easy to carry.
4. The hospital has launched an inquiry to find out who was to blame _____ the mistake.
5. When a marriage breaks up it is very hard to say who is ____ fault.
6. I’m sorry, I opened one of your letters _____ mistake.
7. She can’t work much ______ account of the children.
8. I had mistaken friendship _____ love.
9. You are not allowed to camp here ____ permission.
10.One reason ______ students should study a variety of subjects is to become knowledgeable citizens.
11.We will deal with these problems _____ order _____ priority.
12.They think the fire was started _______ purpose.
13.________ some reason or other, he couldn't come today.
14.It will be impossible to come ____ _____ the solution now. Let’s leave it till tomorrow.
15. We can help you find a solution ______ all your financial problems.

Task 7. Fill in the gaps with the correct word.

1. Citizens are _______ the blame on the government for acting too late.
2. If you _____ inflation into account, we actually spend less now.
3. It’s demoralizing to work for someone who constantly _____ fault with you.
4. Many schools don’t ______ full advantage of the Internet.
5. Who ______ you permission to come in here?
6. Both sides are trying to______ a peaceful solution.
7. Why do I always ______ the blame for everything?
8. If you follow the easy step-by-step instructions, you really can't ____ wrong.
9. We _____ no intention of giving up.
10.She finally ______ permission to visit her husband in jail.
11.No damage had been ______, and we pushed the van back onto the road.
12.The management has to ____ part of the blame for recent failures.
13.The computer ______ the list in alphabetical order by last name.
14.It was a difficult equation, but it took her only five minutes to ______out the solution.
15.Did you ____ that on purpose?
16.To treat people this way is the wrong thing to ____.
17.Don’t worry, it’s an easy mistake to _______.

4 Positiveenglish  
Task 5. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate phrasal verb.

1. Don't be (believe sth that is not true) ______________ by products claiming to help you lose weight in a week.
2. Three men have (escape) _________ of a top security jail.
3. The jury was unable to (introduce) _____________ a verdict on the remaining six defendants.
4. Police are (investigate) ____________ the disappearance of two children.
5. Police said that several people had (offered ) _____________ with information about the attack.
6. They (give no punishment) _______her______ lightly because she’s only sixteen.
7. The bomb (exploded) ___________ at 9.30 in the morning.
8. They (leave quickly) _______________ with our television and our stereo.
9. Can I just (write down) ____________some details ________?
10.Congress has (to stop asking) __________ on its demand for on an increase in defense spending.
11.All essays must be (give) ________ by Tuesday.
12.And, indeed, plenty of military personnel are guilty of breaking laws and (not to be punished) __________ it.
13.She got (delay) ______ at work.
14.A gang of boys (followed) ________________ her, calling her names.

3 Positiveenglish  
Phrasal verbs

Task 4. Fill in the gaps with the correct phrasal verb.

1. I ______________ the robbers for more than a mile.
2. They have repeatedly broken the law and _____________ it.
3. Sorry I’m late, but my train was __________________.
4. I was ___________________ for speeding, but I was _________with a warning.
5. Don’t be _______________ their promises.
6. She said the government would bring in the necessary legislation to __________ the problem.
7. The gun _________________ while he was cleaning it.
8. Neither side will ______________ because both believe they are right.
9. I wrote a letter of complaint, and the airline have promised to ____________ the matter.
10.The kids _____________ when they heard us coming.
11.The police _____________ our addresses and phone numbers.
12.Six prisoners have _____________a top-security jail in Yorkshire.
13.The National Blood Service is anxious for more donors to _______________.
14.Please __________________ your keys when you leave the hotel.

2 Positiveenglish  
Task 2. Fill in the gaps.

1. Prosecutors believe they have enough e_________ to convict Smith.
2. The police knew she was guilty, but they had no p__________.
3. As we s____________, there is a problem with the braking system, and it will be replaced.
4. The judge asked the jury if they found the accused g_______ or not g____.
5. My d________ to leave school when I was only 15 was the worst mistake I ever made.
6. The foreman read the v_________ of guilty fourteen times, one for each defendant.
7. If you break the r______ you will be punished
8. Nine men were a______ in drug raids on Saturday.
9. Japan has very strict l_____ against guns and drugs.
10.The j_____ dismissed their claim for compensation.
11.They're going to c_____ him with dangerous driving.
12.The murder s________ will be charged soon.
13.The j_______ found him guilty of murdering three people.
14.It is clear that "liberty and j______ for all" is still a goal rather than a reality.
15.He has no r_______ to speak to me like that!


1. 79-year-old man was struck with a hammer by a b________ who broke into his home.
2. If you break the r_________, it just spoils the whole game.
3. It now seems likely that Mason was sent to prison for an offence he never c______________.
4. The r____________ opened the strongroom and packed the cash into bags.
5. Duke said he was being p____________ by hostile media.
6. Warning! Car t____________ are operating in this area.
7. Brown will be s___________ for a series of murders.
8. No one has yet been p___________ in connection with the murder.
9. His father was attacked by a gang of h___________ in a back street.
10.Two of the boys have been i__________ for theft.
11.Under criminal law people are presumed i______ until proved g________.
12.Any w___________ to the incident are asked to contact Berkeley police.
13.As they fled, two men were wounded as the attackers fired at b__________.

Task 3. Fill in the gaps with the English equivalent of the Russian word.

1. The evidence (доказывает) _____________ clearly and beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is guilty.
2. You'll need your passport as (доказательство)________ of identity
3. The jury's not guilty (вердикт) ________ was criticized all over the country.
4. Refugees are accorded special protection under international (право) ______
5. You have to follow the (правила) ______ precisely in order to lose weight fast
6. Twelve people involved in the demonstration have been (арестованы) _______ and charged.
7. Many people no longer have confidence in the criminal (справедливость) _______ system.
8. Police (арестовать)___________ 26 demonstrators.
9. The (свидетель) ________ told the court that she had never seen either of the accused before.

1. The police now have another name to add to their list of (подозреваемых) ________.
2. Most violent crimes are (совершаются) ________by young men under the age of 25.
3. Do you ever wonder if you made the right (решение) ________?
4. The (свидетель) ________was asked to identify the defendant in the courtroom.
5. In most cases the (воры, угонщики) ________ looked for cars which had been left with bags or other valuables clearly visible.
6. A High Court (судья) ________found him (невиновным) _______.
7. The (присяжные) _______ returned its verdict after five hours’ discussion.
8. The jury found Sewell (виновным) ________ and he was sent to prison.
9. The government (заключило под стажу) ________ all opposition leaders.
10.Human (права) _______ advocates say racial minorities continue to be (преследовать) _________
11.Some countries will (приговорить) ________ you to seven or more years in prison for drug offences.

1 Positiveenglish  
Упражнения с сайта www.macmillan.ru

Topic vocabulary

Task 1 .Complete the sentences using the correct form of the word from the
list. You may need to use one word more than once.


proof  evidence  suspect  arrest  charge  accused  decision  verdict  commit  break  rule  law  justice

1. Dwayne has been _____________ for drunk driving again.
2. Athough they were in the area on the day of the robbery, no one _________them.
3. He was the only person in the room when the money disappeared - what more _________________ do you want?
4. The man they arrested last night has been _____________ with murder.
5. They're ________ the law by employing such young children
6. The __________, Dorothy Jackson, was being held in the Tarrant County Jail.
7. We finally came to a firm __________ on the matter.
8. The judge will hand down a _____________ in January, the newspaper reported.
9. It's up to the courts to uphold __________ - you can't take the law into your own hands.
10.Detectives believe that the crime was ____________ at around 7.30 pm.
11.32-year-old man from London is the prime __________ in the murder investigation.
12.The ___________ are less strict in the local county court.
13.People have been looking for ____________ of life on other planets for years.
14.It's against the _____________ to be drunk in public.

right  judge  jury  prosecute  persecute  corporal punishment  robber burglar  thief  vandal  hooligan  sentence imprison  innocent  guilty  witness  bystander

1. The ______________ sentenced her to ninety days in prison.
2. You had no _____________ to take money from my purse!
3. Countries all over Europe have ____________ gypsies for centuries.
4. It stood unused for some time and was burnt down by _________ in 1970.
5. The ____________ was made up of seven women and five men.
6. Police believe the ___________ got in through the kitchen window.
7. ___________ took a marble statue from the church sometime last night.
8. The priest had been ____________ for preaching the gospel.
9. The court found him ____________ and he was released.
10.A 23-year-old woman was found ___________ of murder in the Central Court today.
11.In court, a __________ said he had seen O'Grady hit the woman in the face.
12.Several innocent ___________ were killed by the blast.
13.The guilty were each given a life ______________.
14.Armed ____________ broke into the shop and demanded money from the till.
15.Football _____________ caused over £30,000 of damage in bars and restaurants near the stadium.
16.In 1987, California prohibited ______________ in schools.
17.Shoplifters will be ____________.
18. 60 prisoners have been ________________ to death.

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