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Главная » 2018 » Май » 2 » Unit 10 People and society
Unit 10 People and society

Карточки для запоминания

Unit 10 Phrasal verbs

Unit 10 Word patterns

Unit 10 Phrases and collocations

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5 Positiveenglish  
Word patterns 

Task 8. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition.

1. The town relies _________ the seasonal tourist industry for jobs.
2. Many economists objected ________ new taxes.
3. A person's worth is quite independent _______ their usefulness to society.
4. The loss of money forced her ___________ selling her house.
5. He managed to convince the jury _________ his innocence.
6. I don't approve _________ his staying at their place.
7. He agreed __________ my plan.
8. He agreed ____________ neither side.
9. We've agreed _________ Spain for our holiday next year.
10. The miners are asking ____________ another increase in pay.

4 Positiveenglish  
Phrases and collocations

Task 7. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition or word.

1. She often has an argument ___________ her mother _________ the clothes to wear.
2. One should ______________ the courage to make a clean breast of the crime.
3. I’ve always dreamed ________ becoming a pilot.
4. A(n) ___________ family is a social unit that contains the nuclear family together with blood relatives.
5. I hope I will meet _____________ her approval to buy this cottage.
6. Would you care _____________ some tea?
7. The police could not catch the thief as he was disguised ________a clown.
8. Take care _________ the dog. It bites!
9. He doesn’t care ________________ all these problems.
10. Did you sleep well? What did you dream _____________?
11. A _______________ family a primary social unit consisting of parents and their offspring.
12. I am all ________ favour __________ the smoking ban.
13. I do not _____________ friends easily.
14. I am not _________ the mood ___________ reading now.
15. _________ me a favour - turn the radio down, will you?
16. __________ pity ______ me and help me!
17. She _______________ a promise to write every week.

3 Positiveenglish  
Phrasal verbs

Task 4. Fill in prepositions.

1. Stand ____ _______ your rights.
2. I never fall _____ guys with ear-rings.
3. The way he looks ________ on other people annoys me.
4. For a moment, I was completely taken ________ by her request.
5. I know she asked my friend __________ me.
6. He was surprised to find out how quickly his son had grown ________.
7. Unfortunately, I do not get ______ _______ my cousin.
8. I have always wanted to have a girl friend I could look _____ ______.
9. Nobody knew when the poor man had passed _________ and where his grave was.
10. He has a knack (gift) of falling _________ with everyone.
11. I and my brother were brought ______ in the hard way and we weren’t encouraged to whine.
12. Please, stop putting me _______ all the time!
13. Stop picking ______ me!
14. He settled _________ in a quiet village far from the hustle and bustle of big a city.
15. They quarreled but later made ________.

Task 5. Fill in a verb in the right form.

1. Do you ________ on with your relatives?
2. When he __________ up, he will become an outstanding athlete.
3. ___________ on somebody your own size
4. She was a trifle ______________ aback at his remark.
5. It’s not the right time to ___________ out with our neighbours.
6. Some men often ___________ for women with blond hair.
7. Her husband didn’t use to ____________ up for her.
8. I’m sorry to hear that your grandfather ___________ away.
9. A snob is a person who ___________ down on other people.
10. He ___________ after her mother when he saw her yesterday.
11. Come on, let's ______________ it up. I hate quarreling with you.
12. She was _______________ down for the way she dressed.
13. The new little blond girl obviously ______________ up to him.
14. It is not easy to______________ up children nowadays.
15. I could not find a place to _________________ down.

Task 6. Fill in the gaps with the correct phrasal verb in the right form.

1. She (cared and trained) __________________ her children by herself.
2. She's always (treating me badly) _________________________ me.
3. She watched him to (become matured) ______________________.
4. At last my old friend (married and lived quietly) _________________ in London.
5. I (have a good relationship) _________________________ my parents.
6. I’ve always (respected and admired) ___________________ my elder brother because he never gives up.
7. At the hospital Mr Brown (made inquiries about the health) ________________ the health of his friend’s mother.
8. You should (become friends again) __________________ at once
9. I know that my best friend will always (support) ____________________ me.
10. They (criticise me) ____________________ as a fool.
11. He was going to (fall in love with) __________________ her
12. He thinks that he is the brightest student and (contempts) _________________ his group mates.
13. She was completely (astonished) ______________________.
14. The old man (died) _____________________ peacefully in his sleep.
15. Try not to (quarrel) ________________________ your classmates.

2 Positiveenglish  
Task 2. Fill in the gaps. Guess the word by the first letter.

1. His silly jokes offended many people in the a___________________.
2. The police are interviewing two men in c_______________ with the robbery.
3. She was determined to e_________________ herself at the party, even thoughm her ex-boyfriend would be there.
4. Life has been very k___________ to me.
5. The murderer's identity remains u___________________.
6. Mark's a hard one to p_________________.
7. That photo makes me look a________________!
8. The next time Robbie saw Mrs Dawes he thought she had grown very o______.
9. A g____________ of animal rights activists claimed responsibility for the bomb.
10. I thought the paintings were pretty o_____________________.
11. They chose a spot c______________ to the river for their picnic.
12. It's not my f_______________ that the brakes didn't work properly.
13. They obviously enjoy each other's c_______________.
14. Gina was her u_______________ cheerful self.
15. What kind of r___________________ does she have with her mother?
16. Bob was standing n____________ enough to hear what they said.
17. What p________________ well-behaved children!
18. Surely it would be s_________________ to get a second opinion.
19. It was t________________of him to get angry about it.
20. It’s difficult to s_________________ yourself on this salary.

Task 3. Fill in the gaps with the English equivalent of the Russian word.

1. They had no maps to (помочь) __________________ them.
2. Come now, be (разумный) ____________________.
3. Please (поддержите) __________________ your local theatre, buy some tickets today!
4. She was in panic to know that they were (пользующиеся дурной славой,
печально известные, пресловутые) _______________ gangsters.
5. All his (близкие) ___________________ relatives live in Japan.
6. His statement had no (связь) _________________ with anything that had gone before.
7. What's the (отношение; взаимосвязь) _____________________ between temperature and humidity?
8. Don't be so (чувствительный) _________________ I wasn't criticizing you!
9. The other driver kept trying to put the (вина) _______________ on me.
10. This film is unsuitable for people of a (нервный) ______________disposition.
11. He was a (с отвратительным характером) __________________, angry and irritable person.
12. (Неизвестные) __________________ to the general public, peace negotiations were already taking place.
13. The show attracts a regular (аудитория, зрители)__________________ of about 20 million.
14. There is a group in the party (сочувствующая) ________________ towards our aims.
15. I only got married to (доставить удовольствие) __________________ my parents.
16. It's not my (вина) ________________that the brakes didn't work properly.
17. A vast (толпа) _______________ had assembled in the main square.
18. This is hardly the subject of (вежливый) _______________conversation.
19. Before he became a boss he was much friendlier and most (симпатичный) __________________ person.
20. Jim was not in the (обычный) ___________________way a romantic, but he decided to bring Joanna some roses.

1 Positiveenglish  
Задания с сайта www.macmillan.ru

Task 1. Complete the sentences using the word from the list.

nervous    support     infamous    audience    connection   please    fault    ancient
assist   relationship   sympathetic   typical   sensitive   popular   blame   ordinary
likeable   bad-tempered   sensible   polite

1. The ________________ began clapping and cheering.
2. We have a good working __________________ with the managers.
3. This painting is fairly _________________ of his early work.
4. The government cannot escape _____________ for the state of the economy.
5. He who _______________ everybody died before he was born.
6. Mark has always been a friendly _______________ little boy, pleasant and friendly.
7. This job is turning me into a ____________________wreck.
8. This book is about the _________________ civilizations of Asia.
9. I think that's a very ___________________ suggestion.
10. Lara's very _________________ about her figure.
11. He was known for his ______________ behaviour.
12. He was known as a _______________, easily annoyed and made angry recluse.
13. His statement had no ______________ with anything that had gone before.
14. The new taxes came as a shock to _______________ Americans.
15. You're not being very________________ towards Joan.
16. I was employed to ____________ the manager with his duties.
17. She needs a high income to ______________ such a large family.
18. She failed the test but it was her own ____________, she didn't do any work.
19. It's not _______________ to talk with your mouth full.
20. Video games are very ______________ with children.

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